Grungy hair to you, sir.

Just like on the featured picture i feel like i’m “stuck inside these four walls, sent inside forever.”

I’ve been stuck at home sick for about a week now and i was just thinking to myself  at 3 o’clock in the morning -“hmm.. they always say that setting up a website will take you exactly 10 minutes..”.

Well.. yeah, but they never say you’ll have to slave for days to cover it with content. People talk like there is nothing to it these days, IT IS. Shit, if i wasn’t so sick i’d probably still be sitting on my other PC playing games or whatnot, but i’m tired of that now, i need a change, i’m tired of wasting all my time on meaningless shit.. – Unfortunately (or not), being sick gave me time to think.

So, here i am, haha. starting a blog. i feel stupid..

This year (2018), i have promised myself to just start doing stuff, give my real opinion on things and stop procrastinating. I need this blog to push myself with my interest in music and lyrics and you know, stuff. I want to improve my set of skills building a website, writing about things and enjoy my life. Shit, ill even throw in a couple of fun videos from youtube for the heck of it. (*clap clap clap – meme review*)

There will be some videos of me coming up in the near future. Hopefully not only my shitty guitar playing… i’ll think of something.

I don’t really care if anyone is reading this, but if you are, thank’s for stopping by.


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